Scientific Program

The conference scientific program is now available: EFEPR2016_final_program.pdf

The titles of the invited speakers' contribution are:

  • PL01: Stefan Stoll: "Is This Peak Real?”: Uncertainty Quantification in DEER/PELDOR Spectroscopy
  • PL02: Damien Murphy: "Applications of EPR for the Study of Earth Abundant Transition Metal Catalysts"
  • PL03: Anton Savitsky: "ELDOR-Detected NMR: a Powerful EPR Technique for Hyperfine and Polarization Transfer Studies"
  • PL04: Vincenzo Barone: "From Structures and Magnetic Tensors to Full EPR Spectra of Large Free Radicals in Different Environments"
  • PL05: Carole Duboc: "Multi-Frequency EPR Spectroscopy Combined with Quantum Chemistry for the Investigation of the Magnetic Anisotropy of Manganese (II, III and IV) Complexes"
  • PL06: Thomas Prisner: "Improved Pulse Sequences for Dipolar Spectroscopy with Broadband Excitation Pulses"
  • PL07: Daniella Goldfarb: "Distance Measurements Using Gd(III) Labeling: Opportunities and Pitfalls"
  • KN01: Stefan Weber: "Exploring Electron-Spin Polarization to Unravel Electron-Transfer in Photoactive Proteins"
  • KN02: Olivier Ouari: "Free Radicals as Polarizing Agents for DNP/MAS ssNMR at High Fields"
  • KN03: Sabine van Doorslaer: "Peering in the Pocket: EPR of Heme Proteins Before and After Immobilization in Porous Materials."
  • KN04: Lorenzo Sorace: "Vanadium(IV) complexes as potential multifunctional molecular qubits"
  • KN06: Marc Newton: "Exploring and Exploiting Colour Centres in Diamond"
  • KN07: Ines Garcia Rubio: "Iron Catalysts: What Hyperfine Spectroscopy Can Tell us to Understand their Structure"
  • KN08: Sergei A. Dzuba: "Determination of Pair Distance Distribution in Pulsed EPR of Spin Labels Using Monte Carlo Approach: Applications to Peptide Antibiotics and DNAs"
  • KN09: George Mitrikas: "Modulation Depth Enhancement of ESEEM Experiments using Pulse Trains"
  • KN10: Marina Bennati:"Electron-Nuclear Polarization Transfer for Sensitivity Enhancement in EPR and NMR"